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With humanity were born the messengers too. Postal services are the most ancient services and the most useful. Those were created simultaneously with humanity as an indispensable need of communicating among the tribes, and various regions.  At the ancient period they were performed in various forms by using the natural relieve, using the signals with voice, by fire and other methods.

The methods of communication advanced with the progress of human society, started with the messengers who moved on foot for days to send the news, the signals by corns, drums, lightening signals, which make the beginning of the organization of postal service.
The first document of postal services is found in Egypt and dated since 255 years before Christ. According to this document, the postal service is present all over the continents in the form of messages, for sending them was the need to travel for days and months from one continent to another. This kind of service gradually advanced and improved as an indispensable necessity of universal communication, by using the horseman and carts with horseman.

The postal service in Albania has its own age-long history, performed in various forms in different stages, carried out by methods and equipment of that time. It has started with the call of the messengers who passed from one region to another, continued with sounds of the corns and drums till to the movement of the messengers for days and nights from one region to another. The special element of news in distance, was the use of fire by using the geographic locations which made possible the signal transmission. This is so true that even at these days that we have at our disposal all the modern equipment of communication, the geographic dominant points create the possibility of electronic transmission.

Skanderbeg era historiography has clearly revealed how did Skanderbeg received the victories or loss news, the way he  gave news on the assaults of ottoman army by using fire signals, from strategic points they were settled mainly at the castles and towers.
The first very important document, that praises the particular contribute of the messenger is defined at the Kanun of  Leke Dukagjini in which it is written “The Messenger doesn’t get killed regardless the news he brings”

During the 500 years of invasion of Albania by the Turkish Empire, the postal service has been carried out according to the rules of the time. This is documented by the correspondence that Ottoman Empire Administration used to make with the Ottoman Administration in Albania and with various letters that circulated during this period as well as with the fact that in Albania, in the years 1878 there were postal offices using the Turkish administration stamps.

With the declaring of Independence in November 28-th 1912, and the creation of the first Albanian state, the temporary government of Ismail Qemali, estimating the importance of postal service, as one of communication possibilities, one week after the declaration of independence, as part of Temporary Government became also the Ministry of Post Telegraph Telephones, with minister the outstanding intellectual and patriot Lef  Nosi.
The Government of that time took in administration all the postal offices inherited by Ottoman empire and he did make attempts on identification of Albanian postal service. On May 5 1913 it was placed in circulation the first Albanian postal stamp, which Is a seal on black color, with which were typed 2232 envelopes. This seal was placed in circulation in 11 cities, where the postal offices were functional as in Tirana, Shkodra, Durres, Elbasan. Immediately after this were also issued 6 other emissions of Albanian postal stamps, thus initiating the collection of Albanian stamps, a history that reflects the most important events of economic, politic, and social life of the country.  

It is highlighted the fact that in every effort of the Temporary Government of Ismail Qemali for the recognition of Albania in the international arena, in July 7 1913, he introduced the official demand to become a member of Universal Postal Union and the International Union of Telecommunication. This membership became possible in 1922.
Albanian Kingdom as well gave special importance to postal service, having in Administration around 28 postal offices throughout the whole territory.  King Zog paid particular attention to some postal stamp emissions, were one of real possibilities for this kingdom to be known in different countries.

Postal Administration of the Kingdom period, worked with precise rules, according to the documents of Universal Postal Union because it was already a member with full rights beside this organization. Albanian Post  based on her internal economic and human is convinced at fulfilling very soon the European standards, having the continuous support of Albanian Government, its strategic partners in and out the country.

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